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About Us

  • provides insurance coverage for cargo traveling in the United States and internationally.
  • is a specialty insurance boutique that focuses only on marine cargo insurance coverage and its related products.
  • gives small and medium US companies direct access to the insurance power, capacity and expertise Lloyd’s of London.

Wyvern sells directly to companies (importers and exporters) as well as to insurance agents and brokers that have clients with cargo, import, export, distribution and/or supply chain exposures.

WIIB was founded and is managed by Stephen W. Connor, a marine cargo insurance specialist with experience in both the Lloyd’s and US insurance markets. Steve’s years of experience at, reputation in and relationships with underwriters at Lloyd’s provides US SMEs with insurance coverage and customer service that:

  1. reduces the risk of doing business domestically and internationally and 
  2. minimizes the time, effort and cost of insuring those risks.

Additionally, Wyvern’s directors have a wide range of insurance and international trade backgrounds.

Wyvern International Insurance Brokers is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kernow Capital Corporation (KCC) and is one of several KCC affiliates specializing in international insurance and bonds. 

Kernow Capital’s other companies are: