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Experience, knowledge, access to the world’s leading marine market, Lloyd's of London, and personal service – we will make you look good to your customer.  We specialize and focus our attention solely on the international: 

  • Trade, Import, Export, Distribution, Transportation and Supply chain niches.

Contact us at Wyvern International to:  

  1. Round out your capabilities with your clients who have import/export/supply chain/distribution/transit exposure and keep the line on your books and not your competitor’s.
  2. Earn competitive and attractive commission rates that you may otherwise not see.
  3. Gain access to the world’s leading, best, and oldest marine insurance market.
  4. Have an experienced and skillful partner in this specialty niche.
  5. Get best in class customer service that both you and your customer will appreciate.


Questions To Consider:

  1. Are you Maximizing Your Revenue per Account by Insuring Supply Chain Exposures?
  2. Can You Offer Additional Services to Insure Your Clients Against Trade & Transportation Losses?
  3. Which Clients Have These Exposures?

Every client who deals in 'stuff,' that’s everything you can see, touch, and feel: 

  • Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers, Retailers, Wholesalers, Traders…

...The list goes on – all have exposure to one extent or the other while their goods, or goods they are responsible for, are somewhere in the domestic or international supply chain….all manufactured goods need to be produced, sourced, packaged, stored, staged and transported before they reach the point of sale or other final point in the life cycle.

Our management team has been actively involved in this niche for many years. In fact the team has over 150 years of combined experience in the marine insurance industry and there are not many scenarios that we haven’t seen before leadership roles.  Our President, Steve Connor, has worked in both the London and U.S. markets in the brokerage and underwriting worlds in senior positions for more than 35 years.  As well as leading businesses in the brokerage and underwriting environments, he has created businesses from the ground up and applies this skill and knowledge to your accounts' best insurance and business interests.

Our primary market, Lloyd's of London, is the world’s leading marine insurance market.  Lloyd's has been insuring these risks for over 300 years.  Lloyd’s brings innovation, flair, creativity, and broad coverage at competitive prices.  By doing business with Wyvern and Lloyd’s you automatically have access to enormous resources and international reach that we deliver to you.  Lloyd’s is represented worldwide and has close to 600 agents and sub-agents – in fact there is scarcely any part of the globe without the presence of a Lloyd’s representative firm.  This is extremely valuable when a claim occurs – because a lot of the time a loss occurs in some far flung country it is imperative to have on the spot representation as and when you and your customer needs it. 

We look forward to speaking with and developing a strong working relationship.