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Training with a Proven Track Record

How it all started.

A small agency in Montana asked Steve Connor of Wyvern to train their producers to sell cargo insurance to new and existing clients. Twenty four months later, 160 new policies had been bound.

"What was the difference?" we asked the agency's owners?

They replied that, as a result of the training and relationship with Wyvern, their producers increased their knowledge and comfort level and, as a result, their confidence. The keys were:

  1. Increased knowledge in the product line.
  2. Increased comfort level that there was a cargo insurance specialist available as a resource for sales and service.
  3. Increased confidence to approach clients and prospects to quote this line.


And, following the training, the agency's producers took advantage of Steve's expertise to continue to learn about the line and to increase their opportunities and chances to quote and bind cargo insurance business. Along the way, Wyvern provided quoting, placement services, customer service and a generous commission - no agency contracts required (U.S. and London markets are available).

One of those producers had this to say: "I want to let everyone know what a pleasure it is to have had your guidance and mentorship in the realm of international cargo insurance these last few years. Many of my clients have echoed how pleased they have been to have had your advisement in this specialized venue of property coverage." -T.E.


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