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Documentation Required To Process A Claim

1) Copy of all Bill(s) of Lading – ocean, air or inland – covering the entire shipment insured, along with paid freight bills.

2) Shipper’s commercial invoice(s) covering the entire shipment insured.

3) Copy of the packing list(s).

4) For imports into the US, the Duty Consumption Entry Report (customs forms).

5) All delivery receipts, showing exceptions or not, as well as any bad order slips and carrier inspection reports which may substantiate the loss.

6) For claims for non-delivery, written confirmation from the transportation carriers that they cannot make delivery.

7) Copy of your claim letters to the transportation carriers, along with any responses.

8) Your statement of claim.

9) Copies of all correspondence or other reports or information relevant to the transit, loss, damage or coverage.

10) The original Certificate of Insurance, if applicable.

11) Photographs, if applicable.