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Duties & Guidelines In The Event Of A Loss

  1. Every shipment should be examined for obvious damage(s) before the transportation carrier leaves and before you accept, in writing, the goods shipped.
  2. Do not sign off until the package, box, crate or other similar packaging materials have been thoroughly inspected.
  3. If damage(s) are visible, make a written description of that damage on the Bill of Lading or delivery receipt in the absence of a Bill of Lading.
  4. Retain a copy of the annotated Bill of Lading or delivery receipt for your records.
  5. If possible, it’s always a good idea to take photographs of the damaged items. As they say, “a picture tells a thousand words,” and photos will almost certainly help in the timely handling of your claim.
  6. If there was no damage(s) to the packaging, the contents should be inspected at the earliest opportunity to determine whether there is any concealed damage(s).
  7. In the event of a loss, the insurers should be notified as soon as possible.
  8. The transportation carrier(s) should be placed on written notice immediately, as there are statutes of limitation that are enforceable if a transportation carrier is not placed on notice.  Foremost, the transportation carrier(s) must be given notice so they can elect to inspect the damage(s) or waive their right to do so.  A formal written notice of claim against the transportation carrier(s) must be presented as soon as practical, this is to ensure that you and your insurers are within the applicable statutes of limitation.  (Sample letter placing transportation carrier(s) on  notice of a claim.)
  9. Make every attempt to reduce the loss and prevent further loss. For example, separate wet items from dry items.  Also, separate the damaged goods from the undamaged goods.
  10. Remember to keep careful records of these procedures in order to correctly calculate the loss.


Wyvern International should be notified so they can assist you in reporting your claim to insurers.

If, for any reason, Wyvern International cannot be reached, please contact Vectura Underwriting direct at:

Phone: 01144 (0)20 7816 5410

Fax: 01144 (0)20 7816 5900



For international losses the settling/survey agent should be contacted immediately so they may assist the claimant with the loss.  (A worldwide listing of settling and survey agents.)

  1. All losses over $5,000 must be surveyed.
  2. Domestic surveys will be appointed by insurers.
  3. Specific settling/survey agents may be appointed to tailor the needs of your company.
  4. In addition, save the packing materials, cartons, boxes and/or crates along with the damaged merchandise.
  5. If the shipment arrived in a container, attempt to delay the return of the container until an inspection can be made – if this is not possible, take photographs of the container and include them when you submit your documents to insurers.


All correspondence should be forwarded to :

Marine Claims Department
Vectura Underwriting

Gallery 4
Lloyd's Building
12 Leadenhall Street