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Sample Letter Placing Transportation Carrier(s) On Notice Of A Claim


      On your official company letterhead.
      Name & address of transportation carrier
      (ocean, air &/or inland)
      To whom it may concern:
      We hereby provide you with our Notice of Claim regarding the following matter:
      Bill(s) of Lading #:_________________
      Container(s) #:____________________
      Port of loading:____________________
      Port of destination:_________________
      Place of delivery:___________________


Statement Of Claim

…….(short paragraph describing the damage(s) sustained to the cargo)……


We hold you responsible for the loss sustained and hereby declare that we reserve the right to file a claim with you when the full extent of the claim is ascertained.


Please return a signed copy of this notice to us acknowledging its receipt and advise us within 14 days if you require to inspect the damaged cargo.


Thank you for your cooperation.

 Title, name and signature.