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Marine Solution to Insuring Excess Stock Inventory


The property insurance market is hardening[1] and uncertain[2] for the first time since 2002. Under these conditions, peak season, short-term and excess risks could be difficult to place for acceptable rates, limits or coverage. 

Excess stock limit requirements may not find a property market or, if they do, the premium could be unexpectedly high or the policies may contain unacceptable exclusion clauses. Marine products can offer a reasonable alternative to the property markets as underwriter appetite is changing with regard to catastrophe prone inventory risks. Policies and coverage can be customized to the needs of the company and inventory at risk. 

Wyvern can offer a solution to this problem due to our long-term contacts in the marine market, which is maintaining high capacity for excess storage risks.  Wyvern can write the excess stock inventory product either as a standalone policy or in conjunction with any cargo transportation risk. the coverage for excess storage risks is an immediate solution for peak season insured values by providing excess cover where the current insurer is unable to accept higher capacity. This alternative would have the added benefit of protecting any contingency or profit sharing provision currently at stake.


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