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Marine & Sub-Sea Equipment

Wyvern can provide unique insurance coverage specially designed for marine equipment owners and operators while on board a vessel, operating over side and on dry land.

 Coverage would benefit owners/operators of the following types of equipment:

          Remotely Operated Vehicles / Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (ROV / AUV)

          Oceanographic survey equipment

         Trenchers / Ploughs

         Diving bells

         On vessel fixed equipment excluded by hull insurance policies

 Key Benefits:

          Worldwide All Risks coverage

          Automatic coverage for equipment added during the policy period (up to 10% of the insured value)

          Continuous and seamless coverage while in storage, in transit, onboard vessel or in operation

          Collision liability for an aggregated limit of $500,000

          Coverage while at exhibitions or events with a limit of $200,000       

          $100,000 limit loss of revenue following damage or loss of equipment

Download a Marine & Sub-Sea Equipment Application

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