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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is cargo as a primary ocean conveyance?

  • Can I insure my cargo if it does not originate or terminate in the US?

  • My transportation carrier or freight forwarder tells me they have insurance, what does that mean?

  • I’m fed up with arranging my cargo insurance every time I have a shipment – is there a better way?

  • Can I buy primary cargo insurance for my goods through my freight forwarder?

  • Why should I deal with an insurance broker and not directly with an insurance company?

  • I always sell my goods on C.& F. (cost and freight) terms, should I buy my own cargo insurance open policy?

  • I always buy my goods on C.I.F. (cost, insurance and freight) terms so the responsibility to buy cargo insurance on the goods rests with the seller, should I buy my own cargo insurance open policy?

  • I haven’t been able to find anybody to insure my type of risk, can Wyvern International help?

  • I’ve never had a cargo loss before and see no reason to buy cargo insurance going forward, do I have all the facts?

  • What do I need to do to get a cargo insurance quote…how long does it take?

  • I already have a cargo insurance policy in place, is it possible to get Wyvern International to review the policy to see if it’s adequately structured for my business needs.

  • My current cargo insurance is on a named perils only basis, which is quite inexpensive, but is that coverage broad enough for my needs?

  • Can I insure my import even though I haven’t taken title yet and therefore do not own the goods?

  • What conveyance should I use for declarations if my cargo is going by various transportation modes, e.g. truck to the port, ocean vessel overseas and then rail and also truck to the final destination?