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Insuring Supply Chain Exposures and Risks

Supply chains are getting longer, deeper and more complex which means risk exposures are also getting more complex – a supply chain, after all, is only as strong as its weakest link so what impact would it have on your business if one of the supply chain links was to fail? Companies are identifying new sourcing partners around the world and are also extending their distribution channels as they sell product to an ever widening customer base.

It is our opinion at Wyvern International that the insurance industry (both insurance companies and brokers alike) under serves this important sector of the economy and it is necessary to have a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced set of commercial insurance professionals in your corner to advise and provide asset protection to the industry sector – hence Wyvern International Insurance Brokers.

We invite our valued customers and prospective customers to contact us for any help or guidance we can offer – we thrive on being there for you and to putting our enormous years of experience to work on your behalf.

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